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Abax enhances environmental and resource efficiency through a smart mobility app that measures how customers use technical equipment. Klingit assists Abax with graphic design for various purposes such as their website, campaigns, social media content and reports.

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Abax is a smart mobility company that helps its customers streamline the use of technical equipment such as machinery fleets, vehicles, and tools. With the company’s digital solutions, customers can reduce their CO2 footprint and save money through increased resource efficiency. Abax collects data on customers’ equipment usage and presents it in an app.
– This gives our customers peace of mind. ABAX offers an easy-to-use solution that enables businesses to track and manage every asset within their fleet, says Stian Selland, Head of Martech at Abax.

Currently, Abax has 275 employees spread across eight markets. The marketing department has five members, including Marie Lislott, who serves as the Marketing Project Manager. Her responsibilities include driving and monitoring projects related to the company’s marketing and communication efforts.
– I work on our content and campaigns, It involves both our organic social media flows, agency collaborations, and campaign follow-ups. There’s a lot happening all the time, and the pace is highsays Marie Lislott.


Before partnering with Klingit, Abax had an in-house designer. The challenge was that the marketing team needed different design competencies and the overall workload fluctuated. As the competence needs and the workload varied between months, it resulted in low efficiency.
– Klingit is a great way to ensure that we have the help we need when we need it, without having to employ multiple people. If we have peaks and need more capacity for a period, it’s easy for us to scale up our collaboration with Klingit during that time, says Stian Selland.

Another challenge was maintaining the brand across multiple local markets while Abax was growing rapidly.
– With Klingit’s structured process, it has become much better, and Klingit ensures that all material follows our visual identity, says Marie Lislott.

In the spring 2023, Abax initiated a rebranding project that later evolved into a website project in which Klingit was involved to create content, such as illustrations and images for the new website.
– We used Klingit to create all graphic elements for hero sections and infographic sections. It was very smooth and turned out really well, says Stian Selland.


Marie Lislott describes a successful collaboration with Klingit, where Abax receives fast, efficient deliveries with few revision rounds and effective feedback.
– It’s great to have access to such broad expertise. We’ve created materials for social media, financial reports, guides, and e-books. If we need help with app design, web design, email design, or enhancing presentations, we know that Klingit has the expertise for it.

Marie Lislott also finds the workflow smooth and notes that Klingit’s DesignOps platform simplifies the process.
– It’s very user-friendly and intuitive to work with Klingit through the platform. Each project has its own chat, and all files are in one place, streamlining the work and making the process structured and clear. We look forward to a continued close partnership ahead.

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