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When three Finnish property management copanies joined forces in the beginning of 2024, they needed a new brand to represent them as a whole. Here’s how the brand project developed, what Kontu has to say about the results and their thoughts about the collaboration with Klingit.

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Kontu came to be when three property management companies joined forces in 2024. By then the collaboration between the existing companies had been going on for several years, so gathering the operations under one brand was a natural next step. The purpose of merging was to streamline their operations and marketing efforts to simplify for all stakeholders. 
– To us, the new name and the new brand came to symbolize the journey and change for the company. At the same time, it allowed us to continue our next chapter building towards our future goals.

Today Kontu acts as a property management partner, specializing in residential environments. Since merging the three companies, they’re able to offer a wide range of property management services to housing companies, under one roof. 
– In simple terms, we offer expert services to housing companies, allowing them to serve their stakeholders. It ranges from helping them arrange renovations or maintenance to managing their loans or bookkeeping.

Kati Toivanen is the Communication Manager at Kontu and runs all marketing operations. Over the years, her focus has shifted more and more towards reaching growth goals through marketing to external parties. As it typically is with small marketing teams, the day-to-day can shift from long-term strategic work and collaborating with internal or external partners, to more hands-on tactical efforts.


Kontu has previously done a lot of their creative production in-house. From time to time, they’ve collaborated with freelancers or other external partners to get expert help in areas they weren’t able to handle themselves. 

A big part of joining the three companies together was making their offer clearer to their customers. Instead of collaborating with three different companies for different services, their customers would now be able to get all of their property management needs met through Kontu. By merging, the three previous brands and visual identities also needed to merge into something new. 
– We didn’t have much experience in branding, let alone creating a new brand from scratch, so it was clear we needed a partner to guide us. 

Looking for a partner who would be able to understand their market, audience, and values easily was also a key aspect for Kontu.
– It was important that the partner we decided on could truly understand the Finnish market with all its nuances, and when we first met with Klingit, it immediately felt like you wanted to listen to our needs and truly made an effort to understand our point of view. You went the extra mile and offered to find a person who speaks Finnish to minimize the risk of missing out on cultural or linguistic nuances and to spend less time going back and forth with translations. The fact that Klingit was so flexible and open to trying things you hadn’t tried before, to improve our collaboration, was a huge green flag.


The speed and flexibility is something that Kati Toivanen brings up as a big plus when comparing Klingit to previous external partners.
– Klingit’s digital platform is intuitive and easy to use, and the response times are phenomenal. You have always been able to quickly get the hang of our ideas and turn them into reality.

Today, Kontu has a new, distinctive brand that’s well-adapted to the Finnish market and is being presented to Kontu’s customers.
– We’re very happy with the result, and what stands out is how fast Klingit was able to move in helping us develop and implement everything. 

Kontu continues to work with Klingit after finishing the initial brand and web projects. In the post-brand phase, Klingit acts as a flexible creative resource for various projects. 
– Everyone at Klingit has been amazing, quickly realizing that we’re going through a lot of transformations and that sometimes we won’t have the resources to create thorough briefs for example, and they’ve managed to make things work for us every time. Looking forward, we feel safe knowing you’re there for us whenever we need creative help.

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