Meet Klingit

We’re a tech-enabled creative services company that helps aspiring brands scale their marketing efforts with ease, speed and outstanding quality.

Creativity liberated by technology

Our company was founded on a mission of reconstructing the creative process, which for too long has been held back by inefficient hiring methods and somewhat vague agency proposals.

By gathering extraordinary talent on one intuitive platform, we lower the barriers of time, cost and scale. What’s left is nothing but pure and powerful creativity on demand, ripe for businesses to utilize in order to grow their brand on their own terms.

Ambitious creatives hungry for more

We’re a fast-growing bunch of 40+ creatives, developers and managers from around the world. Together we conjure exciting ideas and turn them into graphics, websites, apps and social media campaigns.

A good day’s work is when we shut our laptops and genuinely feel that we’ve outdone ourselves. Because if we’re constantly doing better, so are the brands we serve. This mindset seems to be appreciated equally by colleagues and clients alike.

Curious but not convinced?

We combine cutting-edge technology and a global team of expert creatives to offer seamless, high-quality creative work on demand. Our flexible subscription packages allow you to scale up and down at will, pause at any time and start right back up again when in need — all to a flat monthly fee with no additional costs.

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  • Our subscription-based pricing model and what’s included in the various packages

  • Our key benefits and how we’re faster and more affordable than both freelancers and external agencies

  • Our overall work process and what you can expect collaborating with a custom-built Klingit Creative team.

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