“I didn’t expect this quality & service level when I first saw the price”

So far, Klingit has helped Emulate develop a new brand, a new website, and several designs for different formats. Shwan Lamei, CEO of Emulate, is very pleased with the results. He thinks that Klingit’s offer is unique since it combines cost-efficiency. high quality, flexibility – and speed.

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Emulate was founded in 2021 with the vision of creating a smarter power grid by connecting many devices that can store energy or shift their consumption in order to balance the grid. The company’s founders have backgrounds from MIT and have previously been studying efficient energy systems. Shwan Lamei is the CEO of Emulate. 
– We aim to contribute with a 70 percent more cost-effective energy storage. The energy market is facing a paradigm shift where batteries for everything from heat pumps to electric cars will consume energy in a more coordinated way.

Currently, Emulate has 27 employees at the company’s two offices in Sweden and the US. The company operates in seven markets and according to Shwan Lamei, Emulate has had incredibly good timing with its offering.
– For startups, most things ultimately come down to timing, and with Emulate, we happened to hit it just right. There’s a lot happening right now in an industry that was previously very conservative. Today it’s completely different, and the entire industry will change during this decade.


Shwan Lamei first learned about Klingit through one of his colleagues and checked out the offer when Emulate needed a new brand and a new website.
– Our challenge was that we needed to find someone who could help us all the way from branding to website and then with ongoing projects once it was finished. We didn’t have time to put together specialists ourselves. It was also an advantage that Klingit was so cost-effective.

Shwan Lamei finds it easy to collaborate with Klingit and appreciates the input from the project manager and the support provided by Klingit’s production system.
– It’s really smooth, simply put. I like that we have a dedicated project manager who keeps everything together and that we can follow the work ourselves via the platform. Then different experts come in along the way depending on what we want to do and what phase we are in.


The new brand is finished but is continuously being built upon with new assets and templates. The website went live in April 2024, and Shwan Lamei thinks it reflects the positioning they sought.
– I think it turned out stylish and clean while the whole brand is a bit edgy, which was the point because we want it to be visible and stand out. As is always the case with things like this, it was a journey to get there, and it wasn’t where I thought we would end up at the beginning.

The collaboration with Klingit, according to Shwan Lamei, is beyond expectations. He envisions a continued and expanded collaboration around ongoing marketing production.
– What you want from a partner if you can wish freely is high quality, great service, and cost-efficiency. With Klingit, you get all three at the same time, which is completely unique.

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