Make AI work for your brand with Klingit’s AI Bee

Klingit’s AI Bee solution creates and fine tunes a unique, generative AI model, enabling creation of unique assets – all based on your proprietary brand assets and the content you input to the model.

With Klingit’s AI Engine, brands can generate an endless number of unique assets including illustrations, images and 3D renders  – all adapted to one specific brand’s style.

Improve brand consistency and reduce risk

Our solution creates one of the most ethical ways for brands to use generative AI and reduces risks for copyright issues.

Moreover, as Klingit creates a custom style model specifically for the brand based on the assets they have provided, the output from the model will be adapted to the brands unique style.

This results in higher brand consistency and makes it faster to create assets that are in line with your brand style.

How it Works

Klingit’s unique solution is based on open source AI models. Spawning acts like a “filter” for the dataset by automating the process of identifying and flagging non-consenting data enabling creators to remove their data from the dataset. This makes our system one of the most ethical alternatives for brands wanting to use generative AI.

Based on the above, Klingit builds a custom made style model for the brand assets and other assets that the client provides.

Brands don’t need thousands of images to train an AI model. Instead Klingit uses a process of regenerating assets with your initial image data set, constantly retraining the model on the best outputs until it consistently makes great outputs.

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High quality

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