Imagine a marketplace that anyone in the world can visit to find and hire designers, developers and other digital professionals to work on a broad range of projects. Oh wait, that exists already? Not like this it doesn’t.

Klingit is a digital marketplace with a difference. For starters, we don’t let just anyone join. You could say we’re actually incredibly picky when it comes to choosing our service providers. Every single freelancer or agency offering their services on our platform has been carefully handpicked by our team.

Why? Because we believe that customers should have access to the very best creative talent the world has on offer, and we want to be the link that connects them. We spend a lot of time – a lot of time – scouting for the very best designers, developers and digital talent we can find. This ensures that we can guarantee the best possible service and results no matter what. Ultimately, whether a customer is looking for a new logo or a video or a whole new website, they’ll know that they can come to Klingit and find someone they can trust to not just get the job done but to knock it out of the park.

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