“Klingit enables us to scale our marketing work”

Coeli has started its rebranding journey and has just developed a new graphic profile together with Klingit. As a trusted partner, Klingit helps to implement Coeli’s new identity in all types of marketing and communication materials.




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Coeli is a Swedish asset management firm that manages over SEK 40 billion for companies and individuals. Two of the most important business areas are wealth advisory and capital investments in entrepreneurial companies.

Coeli also has one of the first Nordic Ecolabelled funds – only including companies that work with the sustainable development goals.

As a corporate group consisting of several entrepreneur-led subsidiaries, Coeli has seen tremendous growth in recent years. However, this rapid growth has created new challenges for the marketing department such as recruiting the right resources at the same pace as the company growth and ensuring consistency and quality across all communication.

The Chief Marketing Officer, Lina Hård, leads the work with the company’s brand and external communication. Her responsibilities also include supporting all internal departments with marketing. During the year, Coeli started a rebranding and is in the process of launching a new website which Klingit is helping with.

Kristin Gejrot is Senior Investment Professional, Private Equity and Real Estate at Coeli and works with analysis and investments. For those in the core business, the primary design need lies in qualitative design of presentations and annual reports in accordance with Coeli’s visual identity.

Lina Hård
Chief Marketing Officer

“We are in a strong expansion phase and have benefited greatly from expanding internal marketing department creative resources from Klingit”

“In my role as an analysis manager, I see great value in Klingit’s services which free time for me for analyses instead of getting stuck in Powerpoint”

Kristin Gejrot
Senior Investment Professional, Private Equity and Real Estate

– We are in a strong expansion phase and have benefited greatly from expanding our efficient, internal marketing department with additional creative resources from Klingit, says Lina Hård. With Klingit’s help, we were able to easily create a new visual identity, landing pages, and advertising materia. Additionally, we have also worked conceptually with report and presentation design that the departments benefited from.

– In my role as analysis manager for private equity and real estate, I see great value in Klingit’s services which enable me to devote myself more to analysis instead of getting stuck in Powerpoint, explains Kristin Gejrot. Some projects that we work on are quite complex and it can be difficult to get help externally, but with Klingit we have found a solution that saves a lot of time.

– We use Klingit as an all-around service for both smaller and larger projects, says Lina Hård. This saves me a great deal of time since I don’t have to hire creative specialists. Thanks to Klingit, I have more time for strategic work and at the same time my team can operate more efficiently. The security of knowing that we can always turn to Klingit and that we will be able to get quality help has made it a lot easier for us.

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