“We have achieved a much higher level of efficiency.”

Tibber continues to grow fast, both in Sweden and internationally. With Klingit’s assistance Tibber are able to produce more marketing material while keeping costs under control.

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Tibber’s goal is to help its customers consume electricity in a smarter way by reducing unnecessary consumption with smart technology. Tibber helps customers to automatically shift their electricity consumption to slots when electricity prices are lower as well as to  make their homes more energy-efficient. The company has grown significantly since its inception in 2016 and is currently active in Sweden, Norway, Germany, and the Netherlands.
– At Tibber, we are convinced that through smart technology, we can help our customers consume electricity in a smarter way that benefits both the planet and their wallets by reducing their electricity bills, says Malin Sandquist, Senior Marketing Producer at Tibber.

Tibber’s primary target audience are homeowners and electric vehicle owners, who historically have been high electricity consumers. Norway is currently Tibber’s largest market, but the business is rapidly expanding, and with that growth comes the need for more marketing material.
– In my role I drive all marketing production at Tibber in close collaboration with our local marketing teams in order to ensure the best possible outcome. Our biggest challenge has been our ability to produce material with required speed, given that our internal team is relatively small, while we aim to test new concepts frequently.


As part of a reorganization Tibber researched various solutions for their continued marketing production, including Klingit.
– What we needed was a smooth solution with flexibility and high efficiency. It was also important to have all expertise in one place so that we don’t have to search for specialist competence on the side. Klingit looked like a promising solution so we decided to start a trial.

According to Malin Sandquist, managing the collaboration through Klingit’s design ops platform works well.
– It’s easy to order production through Klingit’s brief system, and to communicate with project managers and producers. I’m used to digital and remote ways of working so for me, it’s convenient. The fact that everything becomes transparent and clear increases the efficiency a lot.

To manage the fast pace of feedback and planning, Klingit and Tibber have also set up weekly meetings to review and plan upcoming production.
– When I have feedback on individual projects, I’ve been able to address it quickly with the project manager who has solved it swiftly.


Malin Sandquist is very satisfied with the collaboration and thinks that the solution meets Tibber’s needs.
– The flexibility and the fact that I don’t need to have multiple meetings and follow-ups via email, and that we don’t have to search for expertise for each individual project, are all very valuable. We have just extended the collaboration, so I look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.

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