“The main difference is the digital approach”

Digiexam is an examination platform that targets universities and elementary schools worldwide. Klingit helps Digiexam to scale its marketing production within multiple design disciplines.

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Digiexam started in 2011 and quickly gained a reputation as a forerunner and driver of digitalization in the world of education. The company offers a platform for digital examinations to schools across the world and has had ambitions to scale its operations internationally since the start. The current ambition is to gain traction – and market shares – in the Nordics, as a primary target, and in European markets after that.

Niklas Vernersson has acted as Digiexam’s CMO since one year. His agenda is clear – to grow the business by creating awareness and demand for Digiexam’s offering through digital- and analog marketing activities, such as trade shows and industry events.


Digiexam does not have any creative competence in-house. Its current recruiting strategy is to only hold core competencies in-house and find external partnerships for everything else, which is why the company needed to find an external solution for its ongoing creative production needs from the summer of 2022.
– The main benefit of working together with Klingit is the digital approach to the process, says Niklas Wernersson. It provides us with bandwidth and capacity that enables us to deliver more while maintaining high-quality output.


Klingit has helped Digiexam with marketing material production for physical events as well as digital channels, e.g. international industry events, email marketing, and motion graphics for social media.
– With Klingit we have a set production capacity each month, which is great since it requires that we plan ahead continuously. By doing that we get so much more for our budget, says Niklas.

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