“Klingit immediately understood what we were looking for”

A visual identity that communicates both playfulness and gravity can be challenging to piece together, but through close contact and a high level of commitment, Klingit was able to deliver a result that the employees at Schibsted Brand Studio are proud to show off.


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With international operations, over 5000 employees, and brands like Aftonbladet, Svenska Dagbladet, and Omni – Schibsted is one of the largest media conglomerates in the Nordics. This naturally opens up significant opportunities for content marketing, something that Schibsted Brand Studio assists clients with. At Schibsted’s content marketing department, 35 people work on everything from strategy to business development and content production in the form of text, audio, and video.
– We work across all industries, each with its own challenges and opportunities. For me and my team, it’s a lot about idea generation, finding ways for our clients to communicate their messages in a way that resonates with our millions of readers, listeners, and viewers. A crucial part is also visualizing the ideas we develop, says Tobias Waldefeldt Lindner, responsible for Schibsted Brand Studio’s concept team.

Like the shoemaker’s child, Schibsted Brand Studio crafted engaging stories and marketing for its clients but hadn’t focused much on its own visual narrative. Even though internally they were confident about what Schibsted Brand Studio was and stood for, external communication wasn’t as clear. After extensive internal work on the Brand Studio’s story, Klingit’s branding team was tasked with developing a visual identity that clarified the expertise of Schibsted Brand Studio and the USPs they offer. At the same time, the new identity needed to align with Schibsted’s overall graphic profile. Schibsted’s sales company SMS had established a collaboration with Klingit, and it was through a recommendation from them that Schibsted Brand Studio connected with Klingit.

Tobias Waldefeldt Lindner

Head of Creative Concept, Schibsted Brand Studio

“The result is something we’re proud to show off in external communication”

At Schibsted Brand Studio, they assembled a task force that, together with Klingit, outlined what the new identity should signal. Since it’s a creative business, creativity became a clear keyword, while it was also important to signal credibility. The design work was preceded by Schibsted Brand Studio’s internal formulation of its own story. 
– It feels like Klingit quickly understood where we wanted to go, and they were prompt in putting together a draft that we could discuss internally. There was quite a bit to consider, but I thought the whole process worked very smoothly, says Tobias Waldefeldt Lindner.

As the work progressed, the team at Schibsted Brand Studio could follow the development and choose between several proposals for elements such as logos, signature colors, and symbols.

The result was a visual identity that balanced both playfulness and gravity, contrasts that can be difficult to piece together.

At Schibsted Brand Studio, they particularly appreciate the new presentation template used when presenting projects to clients, agencies, and partners. It includes everything from graphic elements to symbols for different solutions and timelines.
– We use it all the time! We are part of Schibsted and SMS, but at the same time, we saw a need to enhance the presentation of our creative offering. Together with our work to clarify our own story, the template has contributed to internal pride in how we present our content offering today, says Tobias Waldefeldt Lindner.





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