Klingit for Scale-ups

In growth companies, all processes need to cater for speed while costs can’t skyrocket. That’s why Klingit is an ideal partner for scale-ups. Our agile processes address the need for speed, while our innovative approach guarantees cost-efficiency and flexibility.

Why Scale-ups Choose Klingit

Hiring takes time, is inflexible, and costs a lot of money. With Klingit, your company gets a virtual creative team with all the creative competencies you need. You can scale up and down as your needs change. The full solution equates to the skillsets of three to four employees, which is why many growth companies opt for Klingit.

Why use Klingit?


Efficient processes and a seamless interface make good design easy to achieve


Design specialists and senior project managers guarantee on-brand deliveries of high quality


Our clients rate us at 4,8/5 in average. We have completed thousands of design projects since we started.


Decide what contract terms suits your needs. Up- and down grade when your situation changes.

“The set-up with Klingit is hard to match for a scaleup”

Since starting in the fall of 2022, Treyd has already expanded its collaboration with Klingit. The best thing about Klingit is the breadth and high quality, says Elin Moritz, CMO at Treyd.

Don’t take our word for it.

Take theirs.

Trusted by over 150+ leading brands

What we do for Scale-ups

Curious but not convinced?

We combine cutting-edge technology and a global team of expert creatives to offer seamless, high-quality creative work on demand. Our flexible subscription packages allow you to scale up and down at will, pause at any time and start right back up again when in need — all to a flat monthly fee with no additional costs.

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  • Our subscription-based pricing model and what’s included in the various packages
  • Our key benefits and how we’re faster and more affordable than both freelancers and external agencies
  • Our overall work process and what you can expect collaborating with a custom-built Klingit Creative team.

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