“We’ve saved both time and money with Klingit”

Healthcare provider Kry has saved both time and money while maintaining high-quality design using Klingit, according to Kristoffer Stenqvist, Brand Director at Kry.

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Kry was founded eight years ago as a digital contender to traditional healthcare, offering quick help directly through people’s phones. Since then, the company has grown and is now one of Sweden’s largest healthcare providers with over 50 physical healthcare clinics.
– Since we started, we’ve held over 10 million digital healthcare appointments. Besides Sweden, we are also present in France, Norway, and the United Kingdom, says Kristoffer Stenqvist, Brand Director at Kry. 

Kry’s 400 office employees work to support healthcare professionals in providing the best possible service and are distributed among different markets. Kristoffer Stenqvist is responsible for overseeing the company’s marketing and branding efforts across all markets, which requires significant flexibility and adaptability.
– The conditions for the healthcare industry are constantly changing since it’s politically driven. This means that those of us working in this field need to be extremely agile and adaptable in our thinking. It involves not working in silos and constantly fostering tight communication within and between teams, among other things. These are stings we put a lot of focus on.


Before partnering with Klingit, Kry had an in-house team. When the business went through a reorganization, they decided to change strategy and opt for an external partner instead.
– I first noticed Klingit when I saw your posts on LinkedIn and decided to schedule a meeting with you to learn more. At that time, we needed to find an external party to work with for the content production we required in our daily communication, ranging from simpler things like ad formats and localization to materials for our healthcare clinics or other marketing materials.

Kry initiated a partnership with Klingit in the fall of 2023 and has since used the service to create ads, illustrations, infographics, social media assets, and print materials.
– I find that your platform makes things very easy. It enables inexperienced clients to create good briefs, for example. We like that everything is clear and that nothing is overlooked regarding delivery estimates, the number of hours required, or which brand assets should be used.


Kristoffer Stenqvist describes the collaboration with Klingit as successful both in terms of quality and cost.
– With Klingit, we’ve saved both time and money while still maintaining the quality of what’s delivered. We’re very satisfied with the entire service; both the platform and the process help us become better clients, making everything more efficient. We have just extended our contract and look forward to continuing to work together during the spring.

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