“We wouldn’t be able to move this quickly without Klingit.”

Pinja Dodik heads up marketing at the rapidly growing software company Swarmia. The marketing team has been using Klingit for many projects requiring specialist design skills or an extra pair of hands. She’s been super impressed with Klingit’s work. 

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Swarmia wants to help modern development teams build better software faster by giving them the insights they need to make informed decisions.
The company was founded in 2019 in Helsinki, Finland, and has been growing steadily since its inception. Today, Swarmia has over 30 employees across two continents. They focus on serving customers in the North American and European markets.

The growth comes as no surprise when you consider that typical Swarmia customers see 20-30 percent engineering productivity improvements within the first few months of using its software-as-a-service platform.

Pinja Dodik heads up the four-person strong marketing team at Swarmia.
The team’s primary focus is to deliver qualified inbound leads who want to start a trial or get a personalized demo from the sales team. 
– From day one, we’ve invested in high-quality design, Pinja Dodik says. We strongly believe people will take us more seriously if everything from our marketing to the product is thoughtfully designed. Our in-house team has a senior designer who works as an Art Director and produces quite a lot of our material. 


Before working with Klingit, Swarmia managed all of its production in-house, which worked fine until the production demands and the marketing designer’s backlog grew dramatically. 
– We decided to give Klingit a go because their design-as-a-service model sounded appealing. We also had infrequent needs for a designer specialized in certain media, such as Google Slides, which no one in our team specializes in.
According to Pinja Dodik, working with Klingit has exceeded their high expectations regarding process and delivery. 
– I’m super impressed by Klingit’s ways of working, the speed at which they do things, and the quality of the deliverables we get from them. Without help from Klingit, it would’ve been tough for us to move as quickly as we have been. 

The seamless interaction with Klingit’s project manager and the transparent way of managing the projects through Klingit’s custom-built designOps platform makes them stand out to Swarmia. 
– The fact that there are pre-defined brief templates, flexibility in terms of process and a user-friendly interface makes all the difference. Our project manager is fantastic as well. She’s fast to respond, good at asking the right questions, and excellent at setting timelines and expectations. 


Pinja Dodik has really enjoyed working with Klingit and appreciates that the company fully supports a scaleup’s need for speed, agility and flexibility.
– With Klingit, we don’t have to vet specialist freelance designers, which saves us a ton of time. They have an impressive talent pool ready to go whenever we need a hand with any design project imaginable.

Overall, the marketing team at Swarmia has been extremely happy with the collaboration with Klingit and are looking forward to working together on a variety of exciting design projects going forward.

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