“We are impressed by Klingit’s speed and competence”

When one of Sweden’s largest real estate agents needed a new website, the job went to Klingit. The result is a scalable, SEO-optimized solution that is significantly easier for Widerlövs’ marketers to manage.

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Widerlöv is Sweden’s second-largest privately-owned real estate agent with offices in five cities and over a hundred employees. The company was started by two brothers in the mid-nineties and has since grown by prioritizing local engagement and customer focus in all processes.

Five people work in Widerlöv’s marketing department, dealing with everything from sales material and branding to digital marketing. Tina Ohlander, business developer at Widerlöv, has played a key role in developing the website.
– In recent years, digital channels have become increasingly important for real estate agents in order to advertise and build awareness. One of the most important channels is our website, which we use to engage customers and to drive leads.

In order to facilitate the digital customer journey you need more than just skilled real estate agents – all parts of the eco-system need to work seamlessly.
– We needed to invest in a new website to better support an increasingly digital customer journey, says Tina Ohlander. Our existing solution was headless, which made it harder for us to develop features, update content, manage analytics and tracking and improve SEO.


Klingit first met Widerlöv in connection with the company’s procurement for a new web solution, where a number of bigger players also participated. During the procurement, Klingit got the opportunity to carry out a smaller test project to showcase that it had the equivalent capabilities of its bigger competitors.
– We became increasingly convinced that Klingit had the skills and processes to take on the project, says Tina Ohlander. In addition, we were impressed by the team’s agility and competence.

Klingit’s solution won the procurement in February 2022. After that, an intensive development project was started in parallel with Widerlöv updating its visual identity. The new website was launched in April 2023.

Tina Ohlander describes the cooperation during the project as relaxed and joyful.
– It has been very fun to work with Klingit, with a relaxed atmosphere between project managers, developers, and us as customers. You made us feel like one team working towards the same goal. Even though we didn’t know each other from the start, we quickly established a fruitful collaboration.


Klingit has now delivered a scalable, fully integrated web solution for Widerlöv that enables more efficient, integrated UX- and UI processes, faster and more scalable feature development and imporeved SEO.
– We are extremely happy with the result and the commitment we have received from Klingit, says Tina Ohlander. Without it, this would never have been such a great success.

In addition to the solution being scalable and agile in terms of development, it also helps make the daily work of the marketing department scalable.
– A great improvement to our daily work is the block editing solution that Klingit has developed. This feature makes it very easy for our editors to update and add new content and new components to the site without assistance.

In the future, Klingit and Widerlöv have a framework agreement for continuous feature development where new requirements are continuously prioritized, planned, and estimated. In addition to this, Klingit has been entrusted for maintenance, hosting and support.

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