“The set-up with Klingit is hard to match for a scaleup”

Since starting in the fall of 2022, Treyd has already expanded its collaboration with Klingit. The best thing about Klingit is the breadth and high quality, says Elin Moritz, CMO at Treyd.

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Treyd is a finance company that offers businesses to sell first and pay their suppliers later and thus improve their cash flow. The company is growing at record speed, with the number of customers growing tenfold compared to the previous year, while the number of employees increased from 18 to over 50. Treyd is active in Sweden and the UK and recently expanded to the rest of the Nordic countries. The goal is to expand even further in the future.


Elin Moritz read about Klingit through social media and became curious about the service.
– We had so much need in many different areas. We realized it would not be enough to hire one person, for instance we needed to update our graphic profile, create motion content, ads and presentations, and update our web design regularily.

Initially, Elin Moritz was a little worried that Klingit would not work as promised.
– But there is such a high level of competence among those we collaborate with, both creators and project managers, so my concerns were unfounded. Today I’m so happy we gave it a chance since the team we work with at Klingit is professional and we have a friendly, relaxed, and professional day-to-day interaction.


Quite soon after the initial onboarding, Treyd chose to upgrade their design subscription and expand the collaboration.
– The biggest advantage with Klingit is that you get access to specialists in all different areas. It is hard to beat and different compared to traditional players and also made the decision to expand easier.

Another thing that Elin Moritz highlights is Klingit’s workflow.
– In addition to delivering high-quality products, we always have several options presented to us early on, which makes it easy to come to a decision in fewer feedback rounds.”

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