“Like creative production should work in 2024”

When fintech scale-up Zimpler reorganized its marketing team, they started to collaborate with Klingit for its ongoing creative production.

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Zimpler is a Swedish fintech scaleup founded in 2012. It is one of the market leaders in what is known as A2A payments – direct bank payments between individuals and businesses in real-time. Zimpler is growing rapidly, especially in the iGaming and investment platform segments.

Simon Falk has been the Marketing Manager at Zimpler for about a year and has extensive experience from the fintech industry. His work in Zimpler’s marketing department is diverse, focusing on enabling and enhancing the company’s growth and expansion.
– We are responsible for external communication in all its aspects, says Simon Falk. This includes developing growth strategies, daily project management, and governance. Everything moves at a very high pace, with rapidly changing priorities – as it should in a scaleup.

One of the things the marketing department had to tackle was Zimpler’s website. The previous solution was hastily built and persisted despite not being optimal for the business’s evolving and increasingly complex needs.
– It’s a natural consequence of the high speed modus operandi of a tech-company. But we reached a point where we had to take the bull by the horns.


Previously, Zimpler worked mainly with its in-house team. As part of a reorganization focusing on efficiency, they discovered Klingit and chose to start a collaboration in the beginning of 2023.
– In the first month’s we mostly tested if Klingit could be a good solution for us, says Simon Falk. We soon discovered that their approach was both very efficient, flexible, and agile. Today, we work with a hybrid model, combining in-house expertise with skills, resources, and expertise needed from Klingit.

When it was time to build a new website, Simon Falk asked for quotes from several potential suppliers.
– What made us choose Klingit’s solution was the fact that it is modular, and we didn’t have to build everything from scratch. It is really a best-of-breeds of an out-of-the-box solution while not losing the ability to customize the site according to our specific needs. The fact that we get a high-quality solution, while it was way cheaper than all comparable alternatives, makes Klingit’s offer quite unbeatable.

The web design and development for the new site has been ongoing throughout the fall of 2023 and was launched in December 2023.
– We salute you for taking on a project with such a tight schedule and delivering at record speed. No traditional agency could have handled that, truly impressive, especially given the extremely tight schedule and a simultaneous brand update.


Zimpler is very pleased with Klingit and envisions a long-term collaboration, both for the company’s design production and website.
– Klingit is an excellent answer to how creative production should work in 2023, especially suitable for tech companies like Zimpler, where changes happen constantly and in a high pace, says Simon Falk.

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