“I am impressed by the efficiency and scalability of Klingit.”

Schibsted has been using Klingit for design production since the fall of 2022 and is impressed by the new model’s scalability and efficiency.



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Schibsted, a Nordic media house originally founded in Norway in 1839 has been in the process of transforming its business over the past 15 years. The company has successfully evolved from traditional newspapers into a global tech company with a focus on classifieds and marketplaces such as Blocket in Sweden and Finn in Norway.

Challenge – The challenge for Ricki Rebecka Petrini, who is responsible for marketing and communication for Schibsted’s B2B business targeting the Swedish advertising market, is to make Schibsted a visible and viable partner for Swedish companies’ marketing activities through Schibsted’s media channels.

– Previously, we had in-house graphic production and supplemented that by collaborating with traditional agencies for bigger projects. It was far too slow and non-scalable, says Ricki Rebecka Petrini.

Ricki Petrini – Schibsted
Head of Marketing & Communications

“I think the collaboration with Klingit is really cool and I believe there’s something here that can be defining for how the industry will work in the future.”

When Ricki Rebecka Petrini was approached by Klingit, she and her team were just in the process of figuring out how to produce all the content they needed going forward.

– I am impressed by the efficiency and scalability of Klingit, says Ricki Rebecka Petrini. We needed a design partner that is cost-effective, scalable – and fast. We also liked the idea of a self-service platform, not having to set up a meeting every time we need something. In today’s diversified media landscape where so many need to be produced in so many different forms all the time, the old way is no longer viable

The collaboration with Klingit has resulted in many deliveries across a wide range of design disciplines, from digital ads to presentations and video content.

– I am very satisfied with Klingit, says Ricki Rebecka Petrini. I think it’s a cool collaboration, and I believe there’s something here that can be defined for how the industry will work in the future. Scalability and speed are increasingly in demand, and Klingit has a model that enables both.



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