“Creative-as-a-Service is the Future”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Yaya Selva has digitalized Net Insight’s marketing efforts with several new channels. A successful collaboration with design service Klingit has helped Net Insights marketing team scale up – and be more daring in – creative productions.

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Net Insight was founded over 25 years ago, developing hardware and software for seamless transmission of live-streamed media, such as TV broadcasts from e.g. sports events. Net Insight currently employs over 150 people and operates worldwide, serving clients in over 70 countries.

Net Insight operates in a niche industry that previously marketed itself through traditional channels, such as e.g. trade shows and print media. During the pandemic, the world changed overnight, and so did Net Insight’s marketing focus. Yaya Selva, Global Marketing Director at Net Insight, describes an industry that could no longer ignore digitization.
– We transitioned from a traditional focus to becoming much more digital very quickly, which implies that we currently have a very broad focus in our marketing department. We work both with IP targeting for ABM (Account-Based Marketing) strategies and with global trade shows and events simultaneously, which is both exciting and challenging.


Currently, five people at Net Insight work on customer experience, marketing, external communication and investor relations. Previously, all creative production was handled by an in-house resource, but when Yaya Selva took over the role, she challenged this approach.
– I realized it did not make financial sense for us to have in-house creatives employed. I was curious about Creative-as-a-Service as a concept because it meets my need for access to designers in various specialist areas in one service and offers more flexibility compared to hiring or freelance solutions.

Yaya Selva had previously worked with traditional agencies and was tired of slow processes, expensive productions and the numerous meetings and workshops. As Net Insight grew and the need for quality and creative excellence in graphic production increased, they decided to give Klingit a try. Yaya Selva describes Klingit, with its innovative DesignOps platform, as a smooth and efficient partner.
– I was tired of long workshops, cumbersome processes, and expensive productions. I searched for alternatives and found Klingit, which was an untested option for me at the time.

According to Yaya Selva, the collaboration with Klingit and the digital aspect of work in Klingit’s production system are very smooth and efficient.
– There are so many advantages to digitizing the production process. It becomes a structured process that is clear and transparent at all times. Just the fact that you don’t have to handle this line of work via email and meetings is very liberating and time-saving.


With the help of Klingit, Net Insight’s marketing team has been able to scale up their work. One effect of this collaboration is that the team dares to be more adventurous in creative choices, thanks to the experience and expertise available within Klingit.
– Our project manager at Klingit is incredibly competent and experienced and quickly understands what we want even if we haven’t described all the details in the brief. This enables us as a company to be more daring in creative ventures.

Yaya Selva describes the collaboration with Klingit as a marriage where many of Klingit’s processes have now been integrated with Net Insight’s ways of working to create an efficient, long-term whole.
– At least every month, someone in the team expresses the fortunes of Klingit. That’s a pretty good endorsement.

Net Insight looks forward to continuing and expanding its collaboration with Klingit, while the service has also helped them standardize recurring work using clear templates that the team can reuse independently.
– We have standardized a lot together with Klingit, which allows us to handle things internally more efficiently. The fact that this frees up time to experiment and do new things will elevate our level of marketing.

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