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Delivering campaigns on time and pharmaceuticals to your doorstep We helped MEDS, an online pharmacy, fill the gaps in their marketing team and produce high-quality campaigns in order to make the most of their growth momentum.


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Founded in 2018, MEDS successfully brought the complete pharmacy experience online, with direct access to trusted and certified pharmacists, as well as prescription and over the counter drugs delivered straight to your door, oftentimes within the hour. Pretty impressive if you ask, well, anyone.

But fast forward four years and the success had pushed the company into a major growth phase, and internally the marketing team was struggling to keep up. That’s when we entered the picture. In a close collaboration, our designers started working side by side with MEDS to produce a series of campaigns — and provide a much needed headspace for their internal team to look up and plan ahead.

Carl Jansson CMO

Carl Jansson


”With Klingit by our side, we went from having assets ready two days before launch to several weeks in advance.”


After initial discussions, we landed on the subscription plan Creative. This meant the team over at MEDS had access to a wide variety of creative firepower for their upcoming campaigns; like illustrations, graphic and motion design, and even UX design.

It was crucial to establish a process in which assets would be delivered well in advance, but easily adjusted closer to launch. So we made sure that our designers became a truly integrated part of the MEDS team, working from their guidelines and calendars. We also expanded their asset gallery and improved their approach to Figma, which enabled even non-designers to perform changes at any time.


With the setup in place and our designers fully integrated into MEDS’ production processes, we managed to bring the asset delivery time from two days to two weeks before launch — in just about three weeks.

Simultaneously we’ve kept on fine-tuning our work process and will soon be able to widen the gap between delivery and launch with as much as four weeks. With this valuable breathing space, MEDS’ marketing team finally has the opportunity to work more proactively and build their brand for the long term.



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