Building an apparel brand from scratch — with a modern cohort of services Local Rule, an up and coming golf clothing startup, has mostly utilized innovative digital services to go from an idea to a soon-to-be launched company. And Klingit fit right in, building everything from visual identity to website.


Stockholm, Sweden


Golf apparel




Golf has long balanced between being a sport and becoming a fully-fletched lifestyle. Local Rule’s founders — Simon, Henrik, and David — noticed that in many parts of the world, including densely populated Asia, golf was already a way of life for many; and the related brands an identity, both on and off the court. How long would it take for this trend to reach Scandinavia?

Well, they weren’t going to sit around and wait for the answer. Instead, the three founders set out to create their own apparel brand, offering clothing perfectly adapted for long days on the course, but equally fashionable for time spent off it.

Simon Madeling


“Klingit’s flexible subscriptions suit our scalable strategy extremely well.”


Local Rule wanted Klingit’s support from day one. And the best thing about starting from scratch is that the brand work can influence so much more. Our team, consisting of XX designers, a creative director and a project manager, created a visual identity flexible enough to be the foundation for not only advertisement and the website, but Local Rule’s clothing products as well.

By proactively moving between the price plans Creative and Production as demand changed, Local Rule put our flexible subscription solutions to the test. And guess what — it worked incredibly well. After all, that’s exactly what they’re developed for.

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With a fresh brand up their sleeve and a big launch coming up, Local Rule is about to pass an important milestone. And behind it, there’s a potential growth phase waiting. But the company is not looking to increase internal headcount anytime soon. In the current times of financial and political uncertainty, the founders want complete freedom to scale up and down, and will continue to grow their network of agile digital services. And in there, Klingit fits right in as a long term brand and design partner.

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65 days

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