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Isabelle is one of Klingit’s project managers and has been since the founding of Klingit. She may be young, but she has plenty of experience in design and digital strategies.

 – I started studying computer science while working at the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce. Shortly afterwards, I came in contact with Teddy Wold, who ran a digital agency. I worked with him for almost two years before he recruited me for Klingit, says Isabelle. 

Accepting the offer and becoming a part of Klingit was a no-brainer for Isabelle. Design and technology have always interested her, and the startup culture with its high tempo and dynamic structure attracted her. 

– The idea behind Klingit sounded very exciting and innovative. It is a business idea I believe in and a journey I want to be a part of. 

Isabelle describes herself as happy and energetic, and she sees her life as a great adventure where there’s always more to learn. Since she is curious and loves new knowledge, she has also appreciated being a part of Klingit’s startup phase. 

– You have to be prepared for almost anything and wear many different hats, and I love it. It is essential to be fleet of foot and thought where one day is never the same as the next. The position offers tremendous variation, and I have learned a lot in a very short space of time, she says and continues, 

– I have also learned about starting a business, which I would like to do in the future. I’m still at the beginning of my career, and I am learning and growing each day. Being part of a strong and brilliant team like ours is very instructive, something I was unaware of until I experienced it. There are many good business ideas, but the strength lies in the team behind the company. In addition to all that, we have loads of fun together, says Isabelle.

Jag har sedan jag var barn tyckt om att hoppa på tåg som tar mig i den riktningen jag vill

A picture is worth a thousand words.

At Klingit, Isabelle has the opportunity of getting insight into a lot of different industries, which means that she has to be multifaceted to be at her best at all times. 

– We have grown rapidly and already have a broad customer base, allowing us to work with many different industries. As a creative project manager, I have to commit to all projects to guarantee a successful result. Along with technical and design skills, customer awareness and a large portion of responsiveness are the most critical ingredients for success at Klingit. You have to be able to see the order from the customer’s perspective, says Isabelle. 

Arthur Brisbane was the media coach for Henry Ford and Thomas Edison and coined the phrase, “A picture says more than a thousand words” Isabelle couldn’t agree more. 

– Growing up, I may not have pictured myself as someone working with graphic design, but I find it an exciting and challenging field. Colour and shape have always appealed to me, and graphic design is, in my opinion, one of the most potent tools in communication. Especially in our digitalised world, graphic design can reach anyone in less than a second. 

The opportunity of working with graphic design on the international stage is also one of Klingit’s big advantages, says Isabelle. 

– Our concept allows customers to benefit from the global competence that our designers from all over the world possess. You don’t have to look just in your city to get what you want.

En styrka jag besitter är att jag har någon typ av känsla för vad som fungerar och inte.

Klingit is the future

In the current business climate, traditional agencies can be time and money consuming. However, Klingit’s services, in how we work with graphic design, are the way of the future.

 – The need for graphic design has become greater and more critical for companies in this time of digitalisation, where the user has high demands on quality.

The design comes first at Klingit, and it is not something we compromise about. 

– The world is, believe it or not, quite under-designed, says Isabelle. I think that the graphic design created by Klingit produces a significant and competitive advantage. Even for industries that have not previously prioritised their visual expression nor seen the need for it. In that way, Klingit reflects the needs of the present and the future. Our concept is that you should always have easy access to your in-house design team—a team that possesses all the expertise in graphic production you need. Klingit also provides these services for a fixed monthly fee.

Vår paketering är väldigt schysst, och du vet precis vad du får

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