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Why Graphic Design is Crucial in Ecommerce Success


Why Graphic Design is Crucial in Ecommerce Success


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    Ecommerce stores have become more and more prominent over the last couple of years. It has become especially crucial during these unprecedented times. With ‘The New Normal’, consumers are as concerned about their safety as they are about the products or services that they purchase. Online stores have become a necessity for businesses who want to remain relevant while we all live through a pandemic.

    Business owners must remember though that graphic design is crucial when building an online store. In ecommerce, the lack of a physical store strips away the personal experience of consumers when they walk into a brick and mortar and the ability to see and touch products or services in person. Graphic design is needed to make up for that.

    Branding: You only have a couple of seconds once the customer opens your online store to make a great impression. One look at your visuals is enough for customers to establish an opinion on your brand. Great graphic design will help your company come across as professional, trustworthy and reliable, encouraging them to explore more. Bad graphic design can make you seem like an amateur and discourage purchase, no matter how good your pricing or products and services are.

    Showcasing Your Products and Services: Without live salespeople or a physical store, your images are the only way to introduce your potential customers to what you’re offering. Product or service images need to look both flattering and accurate in order to encourage consumers to learn more or even buy immediately. Professional graphic design is needed to ensure your products and services are showcased for potential customers.

    Guiding Consumers Through Your Website: Graphic design also involves ensuring that the layout of your ecommerce store is intuitive and helps customers navigate their way from introduction to sale. Graphic designers employ colors, typography and layout to ensure that consumers are given a clear path down the pipeline. If a graphic design layout on your ecommerce store is not well done, it could confuse customers and discourage them from further exploring your store.

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